About DM & MM Services

DM & MM Services is a locally owned family business, servicing the North Queensland region. We offer a range of services in commercially run kitchens including range hood, deep fryer and filtration system cleaning services.

We work closely with restaurants, aged care facilities, sporting clubs, local and national government sites and hotels/motels to ensure their commercial kitchens are cleaned to the highest quality.  

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Our Service to you

We strive to ensure that our clients are operating in a safe, compliant and hygienic kitchen. As a family-run business with friendly and professional staff, we are dedicated to delivering quality cleaning services, ensuring that we are contributing to preserving the regional environment by safely disposing of all waste oil products.

Deep fryer cleaning
Range hood & canopy cleaning
Range hood exhaust cleaning
Range hood & canopy extraction filter cleaning
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High grade oil supply
cooking oil waste removal
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Our Quality Guarantee

Our experienced team works closely with commercial businesses with all their deep fryer, range hood and filter cleaning services.  We travel to service the wider North Queensland region offering our clients flexible and reliable service.

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