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DM & MM Services delivers high-quality cleaning services for commercial kitchens across North Queensland. We specialise in cleaning canopies, filters and extraction systems.

Exhaust Extraction & Ductwork

DM & MM Services promotes regular exhaust extraction and ductwork servicing which entails accessing ductwork where possible, cleaning of extraction fans and inspection of equipment for cleanliness and integrity. 

Regular exhaust extraction and ductwork servicing will prevent large amounts of grease build-up which can contribute to an increased fire hazard. 

Range Hood Filter Cleaning

Regular range hood filter cleaning is imperative to ensuring your kitchen environment is hygienic and safe. We use the latest techniques to bring your range hood filters back to their original condition. If a filter is too dirty or damaged for effective cleaning, we can replace it for you.

Range Hood & Canopy Cleaning

Regular kitchen range hood maintenance is a necessary component of fire safety management. DM & MM Services uses proven, advanced methods to remove grease and flammable residues from the range hood, filters and ductwork.

Our range hood and canopy cleaning services will improve health standards, lower the risk of fire, ensure you are compliant with regulations and save in energy costs.

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